Patricia Christiansen has been a secondary Art Teacher since 2005. She is currently teaching 9-12 Art classes at Des Moines Public Schools Virtual Campus. She is also an Adjunct Instructor for Grandview University and the Art of Education University in the areas of Art Education and Studio Art.

Nick LaPole is an artist and educator living and working in Iowa after a period away. Experiences in his home state and abroad inform his drawings, paintings and sculptures; these tend to dwell on interior settings, character behaviors, and awkward juxtapositions in space.

Jim Peterson taught art to Central Iowa’s youth for 37 years, first instructing 7-12 students at East Union, K-12 in  Earlham, and culminating with 17 years' high school art instruction at SE Polk.  He specializes in teaching painting, drawing, and graphic design, and taught other mediums throughout his career.  He has helped prepare numerous students for successful Iowa State Fair entries and art careers.  Jim's favorite subjects for his own work include rock-n-roll legends and he is known for giving his students valuable lessons in classic rock as well as art.  Recently retired, Jim has a bachelor’s degree in art education from Central College and a master’s degree in education from Viterbo University.  He enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids and traveling as much as possible.